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craiglist sluts promiscuous sex Perth

As dumb as not wearing a condom in a random hookup as a bottom. That should read, as dumb as bottoming unprotected. Also, one to two glasses may not be that problematic compared to just a couple more, but it still is a cancer risk and many people who claim to drink "moderately" will have heavier nights.

Some have much heavier nights. And it is these heavy nights that are so destructive, both to the decision making process, the brain, the immune system and other aspects of health. It is the most destructive thing going. It's too cute, you have to stop.

Are those fake sudz bubbles on your arm? How did you get so cute? These guys are so cute! You guys are adorable! Keep being the cutie pies you are I wish that you were all my friends so I could look into your beautiful eyes and give you smooches. These comments above are so fucking childish and irresponsible I cant even force myself to read any more of the comments. THIS is whats wrong with the world today! I do not think that Jack Mackenroth is trying to single anyone out..

Its a great idea, who gives a fuck weather or not the guys in the pictures are gym buff built guys and almost perfect bodies. The way I see it is you have an option 1. Ignore the campaign like most of you irresponsible excuses for men will do 2. Take your shower selfie and post it as direcgted in the above directions this way there will be pictures of all types and body shapes, im sure those that were bitching about the body and look for the guys who DID post shower selfies are indeed insecure retards who have nothing better to do with their time than sit here and bitch and whine about someone elses attempt to help raise money for a great organization.

Would those people bitch and complain about the Firefighting Men Calendars that are all over the world which were used to raise money for organizations or the Sexy Men of Veterinary Hospitals calendar each of those calendars have sexy, buff, chiseled, ripped, GYM body people You all should be ashamed of yourselves or maybe you are.

Don't hurt my feelings with insensitive language Yeah right, sound logic here You people need to get over yourself, seriously. Muscle god, gym god, average guy or alike shouldn't matter. It's the cause that matters, furthermore you're offended by the term "I'm clean"? Cry me a damn river I can't believe this is what we're worried about I want a campaign for guys with average dicks and average bodies then.

Of course, all of the men pictured above have gym bodies. Why don't we start a campaign about being less shallow? With each year that goes by, I'm more and more ashamed to be gay. While we're at it, let's also educate this community about what STDs are and how they spread.

I'm on prep i'm neg and it's funny how many people say they won't BB because they are still afraid of other STDs Ready to put on a condom for a BJ?! Well, most of these other common STDs are easily curable. HIV is not curable at all and requires lifetime medication to prevent an almost certain death and has far worse effects from stigma to life threatening illnesses and bad side effects even with meds. You can't lifestyle change it away though being healthier is better of course.

HIV is a major life change. Syphillis is a series of shots. But, I agree with you. It still threatens health and I guess people are willing to risk the generally lower risk of non hiv stds with receiving a bj for example. It still threatens health and I guess people are willing to risk the generally lower risk to non existent risk hiv, hepatits c etc of stds with receiving a bj for example. That post doubled up there. I think many people are in fact aware of the risk of HIV and other STDs and some choose to just take their chances or just put on blinders and not care.

Still a risk to health. I've read of wide blips. That is why I try and screen people by asking if they are neg and of course they may not know or may be lying. My intention is to always use a condom. But if they tell me they are poz, I decline sex in order to lower the risk as they are definitely poz. I'm sorry if this sounds mean or offends but this is how I have avoided HIV as a bi bottom: When friends of mine called me crazy to always insist on condoms or to be afraid of putting myself in danger, getting drunk in a sex situation etc, I stuck to my guns.

I want to do my best to avoid this. I hope this virus is cured in the new future. Well for one you couldn't be more wrong about a person who "faithfully" takes their meds and their viral load fluctuating in spite of that. I'm not sure who you're talking to, but it certainly does not fluctuate to the point of making the virus any more likely to infect.

If you are undetectable and you use a condom, the chances for infection are nill. By your logic, you should not be driving a car, flying in an airplane, climbing stairs, or going to sleep during daylight hours.

You're well and true to be concerned, but at least know the proper facts, as to avoid a life pointlessly living in paranoia. Mark from Perth, please email me. Recently diagnosed young perthian here, interested in these support groups. Hi guy I am really appreciated on your excitement post I am very interested this page I love you all muaahhhhh.

I was kind of offended, being positive, reading the headline. Glad I read this article and see both sides of the argument. I personally will be joining in. We need to raise awareness and take back that word "clean". I am in a committed relationship and to say I'm not clean makes me sound like a slut who drops pants for anyone. Many comments here say that you only get HIV from guys who think they are negative or who dont tell you the truth.

We were just talking last week about the HIV neg men out there who insist on getting into dialog about if you are 'clean' or not and this campaign is a slap in the face for all of those HIV neg men who have no sensitivity around the impact of such negative words and the rejection, stigmatization and discrimination that happens daily to men with HIV I whole heartedly support this campaign Quit shaming people for asking.

Ask any way you want as long as you're asking. Asking questions is the only way people are going to become informed and have any chance of making an informed decision. Ask if I'm clean. Ask when I was tested last. Ask anything you think you should know, and then take it a step further and ask anything you want to know. In spite of the no doubt good efforts of the campaign instigator, I cannot but take offense to the perpetuating stereotype that you campaign is highlighting.

I would hope that you clarify this for your readership. After running this article, I feel that it is your obligation to mitigate the damage or paper has done to an already stigmatised society. HIV - and others have not issue with you campaign, as the intent is good, but reinforcement of an already difficult stigma to get rid of, outstrips the money that the campaign raises.

I am HIV doctor who has worked with many clients and services in Europe to prevent the stigmization amongst gay people. I only hope that you shall clarify your stance, and you 'simple honest mistake' for you followers.

I can't believe why people find this offensive, It's a great message, and I think a lot of those who say is disrespectful or whatever probably:. And if you like using the term "clean" as a statement for HIV status and feel there's nothing wrong with that then think again. I think we've all just gotten too sensitive.

I don't think anyone has ever thought that asking "are you clean" meant a god damned thing about being showered or actual physical dirt that can be washed off. And it refers to someone essentially having "dirty" blood. I think this campaign could be construed as counterproductive, and hails back to the "he doesnt look sick so he must be disease free" mentality that was largely responsible for the spread of HIV in the first place.

It's accurate that asking if someone is clean is a colloquialism. It's comparable to the colloquial question "Do you party? Why yes I do party, but no I don't do drugs of any sort.

Just like you can say you're physically clean but still have HIV or syphilis or any strain of hepatitis, etc. I personally don't usually ask if someone is clean. But there you have it again. Everyone gets asked these questions now. It's not directed specifically against HIV positive people, it's stemming from a consciousness that STI's are part of being sexually active and it's best to make an attempt at due diligence by asking.

Are you clean is too wide. It could refer to drugs, to being on the wagon, to being STD free etc. HIV is much worse and I think warrants asking specifically about and of course using a condom even if they answer neg with test results in hand. Overall, this is a great campaign, and I am nothing but in full support of it.

I've been fortunate enough to have dated a gentleman who is positive when I was a sophomore in college. I learned a great deal about the virus and the stigmas that come along with it; and this was in Since then, things have changed for the better This recent obsession with the gay community in pushing forth the idea of "clean" being a reference to being negative is ironic in the most self-destructive of ways.

I say this because statistics clearly show that getting HIV from a positive guy who is healthy and undetectable is highly doubtful; it's from the guy who either THINKS he's negative, simply doesn't get tested, or isn't in treatment that you have to worry about. And with all that being said, this is a great campaign. However, I wish that there was more diversity in the guys showcased. Let's knock out two birds with one stone by fighting the stigma of "cleanliness" and the obsession of idealistic beauty that we gays are being smothered by.

I couldn't agree more. This clean v dirty business is really getting on my nerves. I'm tired of it. I'm no more clean or dirty than the clothes I wear. My status is what counts. I KNOW what that is. If you want to know, ask. Don't ask if I'm clean.

Ask me outright, and know yours. But until people get past the fear of it all, a great many will stay stuck and ignorant Some of the comments are exactly why there needs to be a push in communication, not just de-stigmatizing HIV. There are still obviously quite a few misinformed people out there, and this rampant lack of knowledge is what breeds confusion, fear, anger and violence.

I've been with my partner now husband for over 8 years. He's positive and undetectable on meds. As an advocate for 'Know Your Status', I get tested every year. After all this time, I'm still negative - how can that be so hard to believe?!?!

I seriously can't believe society and the way some people act sometimes - it's an embarrassment, and it's juvenile. And yes, we're monogamous, versatile and don't use protection The thought of this campaign is great but the implementation sucks.

This campaign is insensitive to them, me being included, because I would never submit a photo. Why do we need to glamorize HIV? How is tthat a positive message? We need to stop fooling around and make them come out with the cure and stop these shallow campiness. We are such a shallow people…. Just because you would never submit a photo does not mean you should project your own body image issues on others.

This will get people's attention and raise awareness of the stimgatizing. Otherwise you wouldnt have clicked the link. I am more offended by the use of the word clean in reference to being Pos or Neg. I understand it was in theory a good sense campaign but for people leaving with HIV is not cool, its degradating!!!!

The question is "clean and negative? Get past the overly political correctness, jeez. I will not rephrase my questions going forward due to ruffled feathers. Instead we should be focusing our efforts on shunning sociopaths on Grindr and Craigslist who are positive and advertising that they BB.

Amazing how ignorant you are or your comment here is! I am not sure to take you educated or really ignorant to not even do your part, a little research before even talking! First I have to say I am poz and I don't feel being degraded etc by this action. It is funny and referring to the stupid terminology being used every the word clean. Meaning you can be poz and clean, so be smart about the terms and don't use that word in that manner because it is stupid.

Now my answer though to you. Search CROI and read carefully. That means their viral charge is less that 40 in Canada and I heard less than 50 in US. The quantity doesn't matter. In order to get infected, you must have sex with someone who is not undetectable and has more than units of the virus in his viral load. So below that units can't transmit the virus. Undetectable is just the name given because the machines and technics used in sampling and counting the virus copies can't count less than The rate was ZERO.

There is always a calculated risk. That is science and mathematics. Use your brain and understand that living in your apartment has a percentage of risk of fire. Now would you live on the streets because of that risk? So shut your mouth and use your brain and computer for research and more than your stupid Grindr or other hook up websites, because every new infected person is because people are either not honest, they are the ones who are psychopath to know that are poz but not taking their medication and infect other people like it happened to myself, or they are ignorant and they just don't get tested.

Now I hope you shut it and sleep with undetectable if you want to stay safe!!!! What happened to shared responsibility? If you fuck BB you accept the risk. Way to go, guys,, the photos are great and it's time to put labels away. What a crazy question to ask anyone Keep up the great work. Can't help but notice it's the "neg" men who are baffled by the campaign. Lighten up a bit guys.

It's not meant to offend anyone and as a poz man, I'm not offended. It is such an inappropriate question. There's nothing wrong with having HIV and buy having it doesn't make you "dirty" your dirty if you don't tell your sexual partners you have, I myself do not have HIV and would not be in a sexual relationship with someone that was and that's my right.

Guys who are seeking to become POZ what's wrong with you??? I don t agree with his world view but he pretty obviously very well behaved person overall given beliefs. He probably doesn t care that much and most likely trying not to say anything on this issue Melani cammett after last time but fell into the trap. HK Red From a mate that knows few bods in the Sydney circles. Chinese Dave Thanks for the writeup Nick appreciate you doing this.

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HOME ESCORTS FUCK SOMEONE TONIGHT That means their viral charge is less that 40 in Canada and I heard less than 50 in US. I was kind of offended, being positive, reading the headline. Notify me when new comments are posted. It is the most destructive thing going. I mean, it sounds like what is being suggested here is that having HIV or claiming you do suddenly makes you an honest and does everything right individual.
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