Escort agencies craiglist sluts

escort agencies craiglist sluts

LOL I looked at other areas and there was nothing. Nothing even in double secret ghetto speak. Jan 15, Messages: I have a feeling you guys are not inquiring about this for marketing purposes.

I maybe wrong, but I doubt it! Jan 29, Messages: Jan 25, Messages: Jan 2, Messages: May 15, Messages: Jul 10, Messages: From hearing all the reports on tv about cl hookers ending up dead I would imagine quite a few of them decided to rethink their money making strategies idk just a thought. Mar 22, Messages: Feb 6, Messages: I think all the CL hookers cleaned up their act and are all kindergarden teachers now.

Mar 16, Messages: Lol, at least he's honest. May 25, Messages: The reason why Craigslist was "forced" by several attorney generals to remove the adult services section in the United States,was because they could have gotten charges for promoting prostitution in several states. I read a report on the dark side of CL that would give ya nightmares. It isn't cpa offers that makes CL change their policies.

Try baby sales, contract killers, slavery and wholesale drugs. That was 3 and a half years ago. Banshee , 10 Nov 4: I don't know who you are Anonymous Coward, or whether you are male or female.

You are always on the dime. LOL in a very nice way. The cities have begun charging for access to certain downtown street corners and mandated cover fees to bars known to allow prostitutes to operate within. That'll stop 'em, for sure! Lucretious , 10 Nov 2: The push to remove the ads ended up forcing a lot of the girls back on the street which only caused quality-of-life issues for residents and a general rise in crime and lets not forget STD's. Most women who advertise on Craigs build a small clientele, insist on protection from their clients condoms etc and give those who wish to use such services widowers, etc a respite from the shame and embarrassment society often places on them for trying to fulfill a basic human need.

Of course Jesus and Allah don't approve so every politician gets on his soapbox and spews the same tired rhetoric as to why prostitution is such an "evil" blight on society.

The fact that it involves two adults who do things in the privacy of their own residences is an annoyance they'd rather do away with. FWIW Craigs has stopped trying to remove ads. Also, the providers have simply tailored their ads to coincide with Crags posting guidelines. They can still get a message across without being blatant about it. Police proclaim their accomplishment, craigslist has less fear of prosecution, and prostitutes still have their business, and the public's fears are abated.

Anonymous Coward , 10 Nov 2: The prostitutes posting to Craigslist obviously have a computer, Internet, etc. Unless they are a streetwalker posting at a library, this would indicate that the prostitutes using Craigslist are your middle-class ones, the ones who have a house, car, etc.

Assuming this is true, then these are the ones who are doing it for the money, the excitement, or some other reason than they have no other choice; essentially they are the type to work in a brothel rather than hang out at bus stations and street corners.

They do it because they choose to, not because they have to. In that sense, I don't see what the problem is. Vice laws are some of the worst ones on the books and are a waste of tax dollars, police work, and judicial time. Anon , 13 Feb 6: Uh, ever consider that it isn't the girls posting the ads? I have experience with this, and it isn't usually the girls-it's the pimps posting the ads saying that they're the girls.

There was even a case of a pimp kidnapping a girl, keeping her tied down in his basement and guess how he got customers? He posted ads saying that it was from the girl. Anonymous Coward , 10 Nov Paul , 11 Nov 1: They aren't chess players? Only one move at a time? Stopping prostitution is like trying to stop the rain, and the powers that be realize this.

You can, however, separate it from popular and legitimized sources. When there is one large central location for such services to be bartered, it is easier for a consumer to find such services. Yes the prostitutes scattered to multiple smaller sites, which would make it more difficult for police to crack down on individuals, but it also makes it more difficult for consumers to find the services they are looking for, which in turn cuts down on the amount of services rendered.

This can be executed multiple times.. If taking prostitution from Craigslist spawned 3 smaller sites, then take out one of those other sites causing it to spawn 3 even smaller sites If you can't understand how taking "Whores" out of the yellow pages will greatly reduce prostitution then I don't know if there is any hope for you, Mike.

Anonymous Coward , 11 Nov 2: Peter , 11 Nov 1: Well perhaps if they cannot find prostitution on the internet as easily as they used to, they will seek other ways to obtain their gratification. Maybe they will take a trip to Nevada. Perhaps they lack the means and go crazy with need and rape someone. The "moral" grounds with which people justify these laws against prostitution is incomprehensible to me. Most of the excuses they use to justify such laws were the result of these very laws.

I would love to hear what exactly is so immoral about prostitution, because so far, I haven't been able to figure it out. They really don't want to stop prostitution, they'd just like to find a way to tax it. If we stop it, what would alot of politicians do for entertainment? Look at how many over the years have gotten caught up in it. Lucretious , 11 Nov 8: Allow massage parlors but only in specific areas where it won't devalue property ie industrial parks etc.

States can levy a minimal tax. To me, this all falls back to mainly indirect christian involvement in governmental affairs since I've yet to hear any rational argument to keep laws the way they've been. And, as much as I respect them, the police are to blame as well. They know full well the futility of trying to control the prostitution "industry" yet they keep backing inane useless laws rather than come out as individuals on the front line and state just how much of a failure its all been.

It reminds me a LOT of the "war on drugs". Year after year they choose to lock up addicts rather than push to make it a medical issue rather than a criminal one. Why they insist on following such a parochial attitude in matters like these is beyond me. Ryan , 13 Feb 2: Yup, I was looking at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch's website and can't understand why so many states think streetwalkers and pimps are better I know it's simply that legislators don't want to talk about sex workers at all unless they're railing against them.

If brothels were regulated, inspected, and taxed it would turn so many dangerous streets into honest working districts. Women will sell their bodies no matter what laws are made to stop them and men will always pay.

Government should respect this universal truth. Well the erotic sevices is alive and healthy today take a look, make such a big deal why don't they talk abou those erotic newspapers outside of liquor stores, take down craigslist, backpage pops up you see the never ending result, prostitutes do a good deed for society, what about that 40 year old virgin or guys who can't get laid who have no game. The Obama Scam , 19 May 6: Who's Business , 13 Dec 1: I guess it's a crime because by its nature, it is difficult to tax and we all know that nothing happens unless big brother gets a cut.

We all know too, that the religious right gets their panties in a bunch every time sex is mentioned without their blessing. The way it stands now, prostitution is dangerous and highly exploitative of women. Legalize it and tax it along with pot.

I don't indulge in either but it's not my business if you do. Helpful , 11 Mar 2: Page Himmel , 22 Dec 9: I saw a bunch of hookers on localtricks. Seems some people have done zero in the form of research Phone hacking, computer hacking, internet harrassment, ID theft, etc Often these "girls" work in shifts normally 6 per household.

Recruitment has also been suggested to be the stage for human trafficking and child pornography is a commonality in the national level investigations that have been on-going since I am definetly in the crowd of public outrage that Craigslist Make the misdeameanors a felony, bring charges against anyone who promotes or contributes to these activities inclusive of Craigslist.

.. Explore some core concepts: How she can be in Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon at the same time is beyond me. Anonymous Coward10 Nov Legalize it and tax it along with pot. Allow massage parlors but only in specific areas where it won't devalue property ie industrial parks. This feature is only available to registered users. Consequently, prostitution will no longer be the nuisance it presently is, and the police can redirect their enforcement efforts where it is backpage escourts backpacker escorts Perth, instead of wasting tons of money on prosecuting what, in every state, is a misdemeanor, rather than a felony.


Escort agencies craiglist sluts